Impromptu remote meetings in 1 click

Those serendipitous office moments, now available remotely. Helping distributed teams connect for a daily virtual coffee. No more finding the right time, meeting invites, call links, or knocking on doors. 

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How Spontaneousli works

1. Select your time slots

Once Spontaneousli is added to Slack (what's Slack?) during your onboarding select up to 4 time slots that normally work for you on a daily basis. It's ok if they don't work every day.

2. Click launch meeting

At the selected time we'll send you a Slack message. If not a good time, simply disregard. If a good time, click 1 button to launch the meeting. Meet someone when it's a good time for you!

3. Sit back and relax

We'll launch an 8 minute video call that automatically starts and ends. We'll pair you with a new colleague daily. All you need to do is say hello. We even throw in a few get to know you questions.

4. Grab a cup of coffee

Oh we forgot. Go grab a cup of coffee. You did save lots of time not creating invites, opening apps, sharing links or knocking on doors.

How forward thinking remote teams
are using Spontaneousli

Make new friends

Each day your team has the opportunity to meet someone new in the company. Develop their network outside of their core teams. Building deeper connections and trust across the organization.

Brainstorming Sessions

Many breakthroughs and inspirational moments occurred in the hallway or at the coffee machine. Start a quick call to brainstorm new product ideas, devise the solution to a tricky issue, or gain a perspective from a totally different team and outlook.

Virtual Coffees

In the office everyone took at least one coffee break a day. Perhaps even more than that. It was a great opportunity for a short chit-chat with friends and colleagues. Now at home after making that espresso or cappuccino you can have that same coffee talk virtually at your desk.

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what our users have to say

Andrew Gobran

"Fostering connection and novelty are important parts of any healthy remote organizational culture. Spontaneousli provides an easy, consistent way to make those connections. Whether you're a seasoned remote team or just starting your journey as a remote or hybrid team, Spontaneousli can help you foster connections, 8 minutes at a time."

Carmela Greco
Humio, Crowdstrike

"Spontaneousli is an easy and fun tool that every company should adopt to prevent employee isolation and improve human interaction. During my workday as a remote worker, it’s not always easy to find the time for small talk with my teammates. We talk only about work most of the time. Often at the end of the day, I feel drained. Spontaneousli creates room for deeper personal connections. After a short session, you feel your energy recharged. "

Sofia Domingues

"Not knowing who is going to be on the other side is a great way to mimic some of the spontaneous encounters that happen face to face. The app couldn't be better named!"

Tevi Hirschhorn

"Spontaneousli is a fantastic way to get our team, whose scattered all over the world, to connect and chat with each other. Bringing that water cooler spontaneity into our remote office."

We don't like tooting our own horn 🎺 but it's that easy.
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